10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners

As a highly competitive deck-builder, Clash Royale might feel a bit unfair at the beginning as the game features a long learning curve, but if you make the right choices at the beginning and spend your resources correctly, you won’t be frustrated at all.

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When you are playing Clash Royale, it is essential to try out different decks with different cards. The more decks you have to play with, the higher your chance of winning is, especially in the ranked mode. The suggestions below aim to help you with both on and off-battlefield challenges you face in Clash Royale.

10 Don’t Let Your Elixir Overflow In Battle

This is one of the basic but golden rules of Clash Royale. As you may know, you spend Elixir on the battlefield to deploy your troops; however, when the Elixir storage reaches 10, it will start to overflow, which is a pure waste of resources and puts you behind your opponent in the hidden Elixir battle.

Unless you’re waiting for a perfect time to deploy a particular card in an attacking scenario, you shouldn’t allow an overflow to happen. If you think it is not the time to deploy a troop, you can deploy it at the far end of your side behind the King Tower to buy some time while avoiding an overflow of Elixir.

9 Don’t Pack Too Many Spells In Your Deck


Spells are important in battles, but having too many spells in your deck just makes you vulnerable to all-out attacks. Although spells are quite robust against low-health enemies, they usually offer no distraction or post-defense phase.

When you deploy a troop to counter an opponent’s attack, it can survive and start a counter-attack. However, even if it doesn’t survive, it still buys you some time until your Elixir storage refills, but spells are one-off attacks and should only be used as a backup for your troops or a total denial for an opponent attack.

8 Always Have A Structure Card In Your Deck


You know there are cards like Hog Rider, Royale Hogs, Giants, and many more that only target your Towers rather than your troops. The best way to stop these attacks is to have a structure card like a Tesla Tower to distract the attacker’s troops from reaching the tower.

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Structures are also quite useful to delay the attacks and buy time to deploy your troops before your Tower faces a flood of enemies.

7 Don’t Deploy Expensive Cards Before Double-Elixir Phase


Cards like Golem, Mega Knight, Electro Giant, and almost all cards that cost 6 Elixir or higher are suggested to be used in the Double-Elixir phase. As you may already know, the Elixir production doubles in the final minute of the match, making it much easier to support costly troops with other units.

Most of the expensive troops can be easily defeated if you don’t actively support the team with spells or other troops, and it is too hard to support them with the standard production rate of Elixir.

6 Try To Counter The Enemy Troops With Economic Options


It might be the most crucial part of the game in Clash Royale to try to counter enemy troops with cards that cost less than the opponent. For example, if your enemy is deploying a 5-Elixir Minion Horde, you are better off countering it with a 3-Elixir Arrows spell rather than a 5-Elixir Wizard. This will give you a 2-point Elixir edge over your opponent which could result in a successful attack against them.

Having an Elixir edge is one of the easiest tricks to win a match, as your opponent will not have sufficient resources to counter your attack.

5 Don’t Start An All-Out Attack In The Beginning

All Push

This is a common mistake in Clash Royale that players start an all-out attack right after the beginning of the match. Even if you can successfully destroy an enemy tower with such an attack, you will give your opponent a significant Elixir privilege, which could result in an all-out counter-attack that can’t be avoided easily.

Having a defensive approach in the first minute of the game is advised to deal minimal damage to the opponent’s towers while saving your massive push for the double-Elixir phase.

4 Never Miss Clan Wars, Daily Challenges, And Weekly Events


Collecting Gold and cards are two essential parts of progression in Clash Royale, and some easy ways exist. Every day, the game offers three challenges and a Silver chest. Also, you can access Clan Games after reaching a certain level, unlocking special battles for you to earn rewards.

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Last but not least, the game offers new events and challenges every week, rewarding Season Tokens, which can be spent on Gold or cards, which are pretty valuable. All of these rewards might seem small for a single day, but they will prove their value in the long term.

3 Don’t Be Afraid Of Taking Tower Damage

Take Damage-1

Sometimes players are too sceptical about taking tower damage in Clash Royale that they start wasting Elixir. Remember that your Crown Towers are there to stand against enemy attacks and buy you time to refill your Elixir Storage. So, there is no need to deploy back-to-back troops to deny the opponent’s minimal attacks.

You can let the enemy deal damage to your Crown tower for an Elixir privilege over them and then start your all-out attack, knowing that the opponent will not have sufficient resources to counter.

2 Achieve The First Mastery Level For Each Available Card As Soon As You Can


Mastery levels are excellent sources of Gold, cards, and Gems for players. Reaching the first Mastery level for each card requires you to win five matches while you have that card in your deck. This will give you 1000 Gold; if you reach the first Mastery level on all the cards, you will net 101,000 Gold.

Of course, you don’t have all the cards when you start the game, but you are suggested to achieve the first Mastery level for every card you unlock. Further Mastery levels offer even better rewards.

1 Prioritize Upgrading All Cards Up To Level 11 Rather Than Getting A Single Card To Level 14

Level 11

With the current approach of Supercell on the ranked play, all leagues in Path of Legends are played at the level cap of 11. So, if you are prioritizing ranked play over Trophy Road, there is no point in upgrading a card beyond Level 11.

Also, knowing that the current format of Path of Legends is Mega Draft, you need to have as many Level 11 cards as possible. This way, you won’t have to skip picking a card in the draft only because it has a lower level for you.

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