Critter Clash Guide |Best Tips And Tricks To Win Battles 2021

critter clash

Critter Clash is a Multiplayer game and it’s very enjoyable while playing. It is a jungle war between you and the rest of the world in critter clash and here you have to arm yourself with animals while going against other real-time players. It is a tactical game from Lumi Studios. There are lots of animals like Lion tiger Beer etc with a dose of cuteness.

This is a tactical mobile game, here you have to face another real-time player and use the animals that you have to take down animals of their own. Each player gets 10 seconds to make their own strategy and attack the opponent increasing your thinking abilities and strategies planning. It also showcases a lot of cute characters and entertaining animations we have some critter clash tips, cheats and strategies which will help you to maximize the fun while beating opponents and having the best animal team there is.

1.) Unlock New Animals :

clitter clash
Clitter Clash heroes

At first you have to know how to unlock new animals first you have to progress to high level leagues in the rank mode. You can see on the main screen of the game there is league option tab on that league(wood/silver/gold). After clicking on that, You can slide the screen and get all the details on the new animals to unlock requirments.

2.) Learn Every Animals Abilities :

critter clash

There is a total of 61 types of animals that you can collect and different ways of obtaining them. An important part of critter clash is critter themselves. You can unlock new animals by opening chests and purchase them from the shop. And you have to upgrade all the animals to the maximum level for their abilities. Different animals have their own abilities like, You have a monkey who specializes in breaking branches, the cat who specializes in cutting ropes, and the elephant can attack multiple animals at once. And the rest of the animals have their own specialities as well. and you can check this by taping on the animal in the team menu from the home screen.

3.) Select The Team Formation That Suits You:

critter clash team

Critter Clash is a strategy game so you have to make your own strategy that will help you to win the battle. There are different types of formation you can choose from balance, triangle, and wave. You will start with the default formation which is balanced meaning ropes and branches are evenly placed on both sides of the main branch.

4.) Watch Ads :

critter clash ads

You can easily watch ads in critter clash watching ads will give you more advantage. First, you have to go to your home screen and you will see the gift box just above the shop. Select it and a window will pop up giving you the option to watch an ad and showing what reward comes with it. An exclamation mark on the gift tells you if there’s is an ad available to watch.

5.) Check Out Daily Deals:

critter clash daily deals

First, you have to go back to the home screen and then you will see there is an option of the daily deal tab on there. There you will see a lot of animals that you need you can easily get them by exchanging them with bananas. If you have a lot of bananas then you can easily get that animal that you need, So make sure you collect bananas every day which will help you to get your animal that you need.

6.) Open Chest Every DAy:

Citter clash chest

An opening chest can help you a lot in this game. By opening the chest, you can get some rare items that will help you to win every battle easily so make sure you open your chest every day. You can get a chest by every battle that you played. And if you win the battle it will give you a rare chest. In a rare chest, there are lots of rare animals and good stuff, And a common chest has some common animals and it will give you branches and bananas. If your chest slots are full then you won’t get another chest at that time if you want another chest then you should open a chest first or watch ads to exchange the chest with another chest that you want. There are also chest that you can purchase with the help of firestone and diamonds. And you can get more chest by referring the game to your friend which will give a refer chest, And there is also some legendary chest which will give you some super rare and legendary animals and branches.

7.) Play The Advanture Mode TO Improve Your techniques:

critter clash adventure mode

You have to practise adventure mode before playing on the PVP matches. You have to form several teams and try out different team compositions. You will get the best reward while practising the adventure mode. Adventure mode is better than practise mode. In adventure mode, you can improve your skills and you will know how your team’s skills work.

SO these are some top and important tips for beginners on Critter Clash.


  1. From here i can Download Clitter Clash ?

You can Download Cliiter Clash from the play store from any country these games have no restrictions. You can Download this Game from This link

2. How to Download Clitter Clash on IOS ?

You can Download Clitter clash on IOS from here

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