Blade XLord Tier List

Blade XLord Tier List

Blade XLord is a Role-Play game from mobile devices developed by Applibot Inc. The game’s plot is amazing because it is directed by the famous games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Star Ocean director. The game will be even interesting when you look Blade XLord Tier List. Brave XLord is a fantasy game. The … Read more

Savior Fantasy Gift Codes


Getting a free gift is a myth for all, everyone’s expectations want a gift with wonder full rewards. There are two gift codes provided which we had discussed at down. Savior Fantasy Gift Code has provided to the players for their faster and easy growth in the game. Savior Fantasy Gift codes have contained unlimited … Read more

Ragnarok Tactics Tier List

Ragnarok tactic TIER LIST

So you have rerolled the Ragnarok Tactics successfully and want to know about the tier list of Ragnarok Tactics. There is two kinds of player who wants a tier list, one looking to recruit the Ragnarok monsters and last want to get higher rank instantly. We have been played the Ragnarok tactics teaming up with … Read more

One Punch Man The Strongest Tier List

one punch man the strongest tier list

One Punch Man is the superhero franchise which exists in the universe where people get their power by doing certain tasks in hard passion. One punch man tier list has been listed after concerning all the versions including Chinese and other veteran versions. One-punch Man the Strongest Tier List Overview One Punch Man The Strongest … Read more

Goddess of Genesis Tier List

goddess of genesis tier list

Have you wondering about the Goddess of Genesis Tier List. All the tier list which are mentioned here by playing all the Close beta and Open beta versions with rolling in other experienced players. The new players who have just started playing Goddess of Genesis might get curious about the tier list. We have covered … Read more

Dragon Champions Tier List

dragon champion tier list

Surveillance in Dragon champions tier list? Dragon Champions tier list will help you to win every battle and formation of the ultimate team using all the characters in the game. Beside every character is important in its own way. In this article, there is all character tire information provided with their damage impact and all … Read more