Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Tier List

Kingdom of heroes tactic war Tier List

You played the Kingdom of Heroes for the first time and having a problem with selecting the heroes in the game. Well, the Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War tier list is provided by the professionals for the beginners. This tier list is made by the professional player referring to the experience of game style. Kingdom … Read more

Shining Beyond Best Heroes Tier List

Shining Beyond Tier List

Well, you have played the beta version of Shining Beyond and wondering how to ranking system is in the game. Shining Beyond has just been released on the early access and the developer of the game has been created the tier list on the basis of their tier tank. However, We have tested all those … Read more

Knighthood Tier List | Best Heroes Guide

Knighthood Tier List

You have been seeking for the Knighthood Tier List and might be guessing the best hero in the game. So we have tested all the 50 heroes in and evaluate the Knighthood Best Heroes Tier List. Basically, there are so many heroes in Knighthood that make many rookies as well as the average player to … Read more

Chess Rush Tier List

Chess Rush tier list

Chess Rush is the brand new turn-based strategy game. The game has absolute amazing RPG effect while battling in the battlefield. The game has pretty much character to form an elite roster of more than 50 heroes. In order to compete against 7 players to conqueror the board of Chess Rush. The game supports team … Read more

Epic Summoners 2 Tier List

Epic Summoners 2 TIER LIST

Its easier to play the game and rank really quick when you know about the Tier list. Epic Summoners 2 Tier list guides the player which character to choose in a specific battle. The tier list helps the user to know the statistic of heroes. Epic Summoners 2 tier list has been evaluating by the … Read more