BluStone Best Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategy 2021

Bluestone is one of the best tapings game featuring cute anime characters, it is available on android and ios also. I also used to play this game for lots of hours without getting bored. checkout our best Guide, tips, tricks, cheats and strategy.

1.) How to play blustone

If you are a beginner then you should know how to play the game first. So basically this game automatically gives a tutorial to newbies so it’s easy to know about the game for beginners. But if you know more about the game then it will be beneficial to yourself. So at first, we will know about blustone first. In this game at first, you have to make your team of hunters; you can add 4 bests, hunters, on this game. The battle system of this game is that the hunter attacks the enemies automatically. While attacking you can only deploy one hunter on the battlefield to fight against the monsters. You can also increase the speed of attack by tapping on the screen.

2.) Choose A Good Team

blustone team

At first, you should have a good team in this game to win the battle. Without a good team, you can’t make it very far. But don’t worry I will tell you what should you do for a good team. You should have all three elements in the team (at least one of each). You should add one supporter for defence it will help you to heal allies HP. Since you can add to four characters In this game so make sure to add a healer character. And you should try using natural 3* hunters and 4* hunters. There are three types of hunters Offense, Defense, Support and Bomber. All types have their own abilities that we will know later.

3.) Know About The Types Of Hunters.

At first, there are 4 types of hunters and all of them have their own unique abilities. And hunters are very important characters of this game. types of hunters are Offence hunter These types of hunters are good at fighting and they can use the skill outside the airship. And we have a Defence hunter These types of hunters are used for defence this hunter is very good at the defence you should use at least one defence hunter always. And another one is support hunter this support hunter is a very important character of this game also you have to use one of this character also it will help you to heal the allies and to increase the strength; unless the skill around the airship. And the last one is the Bomber hunter This types of hunter use to damage massive damage. It can be used for the airship (inside).

4.) How To Get Better Deals From Market

In this game, you can get useful items that you need in exchange for in-game currencies, rupee, fight chips. For this, you have to defeat the opponents in fight club mode. To check the deals you can visit the market menu in the game. There you can get a lottery mouse coin to obtain a lottery mouse coin you have to release 3* hunter and go to suspicious shop/mouse choose the option and tab on I want to release my teammate and then select the hunter. And if you want to spend the lottery mouse coin you have to go to the market menu and head to the last tab secret shop. By this, you can also buy premium items such as 3* transcend ticket (can be used to replace a 3* hunter in transcending)

5.) Fishing

In this blustone game you can catch fish and sell team for coins also. And always try to get high quality of fish. Normal bait takes quite a bit longer to use, so high quality is better. After tab the throw button (you have to pay attention to the gauges meter to aim; near or far) After this you have to wait until you see some wobbles. And hit the pull button. Tab the screen to pull and get the fish. And you have to pay attention on the fury meter if it is green then start taping on the screen and when it goes to red then stop tapping the screen.

So these are some best Tips, Tricks, Chests & Strategy hope this helps you.

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