Blade XLord Tier List

Blade XLord is a Role-Play game from mobile devices developed by Applibot Inc. The game’s plot is amazing because it is directed by the famous games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Star Ocean director. The game will be even interesting when you look Blade XLord Tier List.

Brave XLord is a fantasy game. The has amazing graphics and can surprise as the increasing level. So to keep up with gradually increasing level in the game. We have categorised the characters tier list. However, Blade XLord Tier List helps you to win PVP mode as well as PVE mode in the game.

According to the Blade XLord Tier List, each hero becomes very powerful. The Blade XLord tier list suggest the best and perfect weapon for every individual character in the game. Remember: Blade XLord Tier List is based on the PVP mode progress results If you are going through PVE mode it will also work as same.

Blade Xlord Tier List

Blade XLord is a tale fantasy game that has a strong bond relationship with the sword in the game. The game is directed by the famous video game director Hisatoshi Hayakashi. He is also the director of mobile RPG game such as FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS and LAST CLOUDIA. The game has stunning 3D graphics with the amazing storyline.

Blade XLord Tier List
Blade XLord

The work project of Blade XLord is award-winning. Blade XLord’s all the project members are highly renowned for their work in the video gaming field. The game is rich in its scenario, art and creativity. If you are looking for the best fantasy game then Blade XLord is the perfect choice for you. The game has wonderful characters and NPCs. Blade XLord game brings a real feeling in the game. Therefore Blade XLord is a realistic game.

The release date of the game was a kinda soft launch, in Canada and after some month Blade XLord was released in the United States. Now the game has globally released worldwide. You have to free up to 2 GB space in the Smartphone to install Blade XLord. Blade XLord is available in both Android and iOS devices.

Blade XLord Tier List
Blade XLord

Coming up with the Blade XLord tier list, the purpose of the game is to create a strong team and equip the perfect weapon for them. The game consists of the element to that determine the potential of heroes in Blade XLord. There are 6 total elements in Blade XLord. They are; Forest/Green, Lightning/Yellow, Fire/Red, Water/Blue, Light/Grey and Dark/Purple. Every individual hero belongs in their respective elements.

Blade XLord Tier List
Blade XLord

There are two weapons in the Blade XLord, primary and secondary. All the weapons have their won abilities and skills. The game has desperate statistics of weapons in Blade XLord. The game features full customization. You can equip all the attachment and gears of each character. Here is the complete detail of which attachment, gear and weapons for heroes.

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Blade XLord Best Heroes and Weapons Tier List

The Blade XLord best heroes and weapons are categorized in B, A, S, SS tier list. Look the tables in the listed down below;

SS Tier List

These tier list heroes and weapons are the way strong. Only you can imagine their full potential and capabilities in Blade XLord. They are more durable, Strong, Powerful and best damage dealer in the game.

Tier RankHeroRecommended Weapons
SSHeathbellEl Dios 
SSElishaAntares & Acrab cont
SSShyasDual Aroundlights

S Tier List

They are the strongest and powerful characters like SS ranked tier heroes. But there is something missing that desperate them from SS rank and downgrade to S Rank tier list. They are also good and durable like SS heroes.

RankHeroRecommended Weapon
SMizuchiNoblesse Oblige
SNana Lost Harmony
SKashSecret Shears
SCharlesHowling Gale
SAchel Valkyria
SSinistaMadame Roselia

A Tier List

They are excellent characters and capable of doing various things. They come at the low rank in Blade XLord Tier list. They are powerful too. Considering them in low rank , don’t ignore A-rank heroes.

RankHeroRecommended Weapon
AZChaos Judgment
ADoslafHyper Mech Mark 1
AKaiAquamarine Bolt
ARoberta Roberta 
AAthenaPrism Papillon
AYuolMagna Spade
AGordioDoom Obelisk
AIngramCloud Carvers
AWendyLove Hurricane
AHeineSeraphic Rainbow
AZagi Prometheus

B Tier List

These characters are considered as the lowest characters in the game. They are useless characters with less durability and damage effects. We recommend you to not have B rank characters in your inventory. Blade XLord tier list comes to end at B tier.

RankHeroRecommended Weapon
BMalikDjinn’s Key
BZekeDual Durandals
BArgadia Avalon

Here are the Blade XLord Tier list based on the ranking. It’s up to you to choose your heroes and weapons. Create a massive invulnerable team to complete the story of Blade XLord. You can also Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. If you are interested in visual contents provided by us.

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