5 of The Most Ridiculous Characters in Mortal Kombat

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Mortal Kombat was at one time one of the most revolutionary games ever created, but as things continued to move forward there were a lot of characters who were created that didn’t make a lot of sense, but somehow still managed to get placed in the game. A lot of characters were able to gain support from the fans simply because after a while they did make sense, or they were amusing enough to get people on board with their continued use. But then there are some of them that managed just to continue to be insane and altogether stupid since their development flatlined from the start – and it didn’t get any better as time went on. Some of these characters are worth arguing about since they do have a solid background, but are still kind of inane given that after hearing their backstory, nothing really happens that makes them any better. But then again, some of them are worth keeping around for a good laugh. 

Here are five of the most ridiculous characters in Mortal Kombat. 

5. Meat

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This guy’s story isn’t that bad since he was apparently an experiment of Shang Tsung’s that escaped before he was fully formed. Given the fact that Shang Tsung has been up to some pretty shady stuff over the years, it’s fair to think that a few of his experiments might have escaped his clutches. But the whole idea of Meat is that he uses his disgusting appearance to not only regain a bit of health now and then, but despite the fact that he can slide, teleport, kind of, and take on the fighting style of various characters, he’s more of a distraction than anything since he’s essentially another skin that was given his own story in the game for one reason or another. 

4. Kobra

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It’s already been stated that Kobra is a Johnny Lawrence knockoff, and it’s hard to dispute this since he has the look and the gi and he has a seriously bad attitude throughout the game. The thing about this guy is that anyone can play him, his moves aren’t that hard to get down, and yet for as great as someone can be with this character, he’s still one of the weaker individuals on the roster since there are a number of characters that are able to slaughter him without a second thought. Think of Paul Phoenix from Tekken, combined with the attitude of Johnny Lawrence, and you’ll have a good sense of who this guy is. 

3. Havik

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This guy is just a walking conundrum since some of the moves he’s able to execute are so bizarre that it brings to mind Yoshimitsu from Tekken, but with a seriously chaotic twist that would unnerve a lot of people that aren’t ready for what he can do. His neck snap is something that likely wouldn’t make it into a movie today since it might be deemed as too disturbing. But if he did manage to make it into the next movie, there’s no doubt that he would be just as much of a liability to his allies as to his enemies – one can imagine that things would go off the rails very quickly. 

2. Drahmin

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This character was actually a warlord before being sent to the Netherrealm, where he became an oni that is still a capable fighter, so long as he has his mask on. Once the mask comes off he’s just another dangerous berserker and presents a serious challenge to the players. But if he did show up in the movie, it’s fair to think that he’d be a part of the story, not THE story. He might even be more of a supporting character, to be honest. But overall, Drahmin feels like a background character that was given a bit of prominence and became more of an ‘oopsie’ than anything else since he’s not exactly a fan favorite. 

1. Motaro

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It’s not just the fact that Motaro was made into a joke during the second movie, it’s the fact that he’s been a joke since he was created. Goro was a popular character to be certain, but Motaro’s presence elicited a collective groan from a lot of players once he was brought into being and created as a sub-boss. The development also saw him go from having four legs to two, which was a huge insult to his character within the story. But something about Motaro just didn’t catch on with a lot of the fans, and it didn’t get any better over the years. He might have some fans, but to a lot of people, he’s more of a gag that didn’t pan out. 

There are a few duds in every franchise. Would you agree with this list? Would you add anything of your own? Comment your opinion below!

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